Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Giant Staircase - Bailey Island, MAINE Framed - SOLD


"GIANT STAIRCASE" - Bailey Island, Maine


This is my largest painting to date - a full sheet 22x30". Most of my work tends to be the smaller 5x7" but I'm trying to get out of my box.

I am super excited, because yesterday I dropped off "THE WAVE" painting to have it professionally framed at the Gallery. Really looking forward to seeing the results! oh yeah, I'll probably share it here when it's done, no twisting my arm!

Had them use a lovely antique frame from a Claude Montgomery painting that I sold recently. Unfortunately the original mat had been damaged and not to mention the client that purchased it lived far far away and this frame is huge and there fore, yep I'm going to go all Mainer on you;WICKED expensive to ship! So guess what....I kept it.

Took me about 30  minutes to figure out what color matting to choose, but finally settled on a lovely ocean spray green with an inside chocolate brown to pop out the color in the rocks. I think it'll  look extremely shabby chic! Went all out on this one - even got the special UV ray protection glass so that it won't fade the colors. If any of you have recently had your work framed professionally you know all to well the costs involved, but I think the out come will be well worth the investment.

Update: December  21st - This painting has been sold, but I may a others you may be interested in on my Daily Paint Works Gallery.
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