Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Sand Dollars" Daily Painting #34 2013 -SOLD


Here we are in the middle of February and I'm currently on Daily Painting # 34 for the year!

Must be all the snow lately but I've been thinking of the warm days of summer, and I'm ready for it. Really, just another reason to love Maine, the four seasons! When you are ready for a change....all you have to do is wait a couple months and it's all brand new.

Hard to say what my favorite season really is. In the spring it's the fresh smell of the earth and the excitement of new flowers and trees budding.

In the summer, it's the warm breeze off the coast, the sandy beaches, collecting sand dollars and sun kissed faces.

Fall, well how can you not love the gorgeous colors of the autumn leaves and the morning chill, pumpkins, and apple picking!

But here we are in the winter...snuggled up in our homes hibernating with home made soups and the warm fireplace watching the snow covering the earth like sparkling diamonds. 

I guess I just can't pick one. What's your favorite?

Happy Painting,
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