Saturday, April 27, 2013

Working on Colored Bottles - My Progress

My Progress:

Just started a new 11x17 watercolor painting and it has the most gorgeous colors!  I have to admit, this piece makes me happy just painting it!

So here's the story behind it....My mother and father have been snow birds...resting in Florida for the entire Maine winter. Lucky them huh! It's been a little hard for me (whining just a little here) because my mother and I usually paint together. I've really missed having my gal pal here you know. You too Dad (of course)!

The other day we decided that we should at least have some fun together by working on the same painting, even though we are in separate states. Have any of you ever tried google hangout? Gotta love it...we can paint and share our work right here on line via video chat. It's perfect really.

Mom took a number of photos in the beautiful Florida scenery before we agreed on "THE ONE". She wasn't too happy because she had to haul a number of Patron bottles (aka Ta-kill-ya) filled with water and food coloring down to the beach to get this shot. Bet she was pretty happy drinking them though! Ha! not really!

More progress to follow - tomorrow!

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