Monday, September 23, 2013

"Dancing Leaves" Fall Watercolor Painting 30 in 30 Day 24


Framed 8x10
Had fun with a little more abstract style today.

 I think it's a good thing the 30 day challenge is winding down, I'm running out of steam!

 Just got back from a brisk walk outside with little puppy, Primm and thought she was going to blow away. The wind is whipping those little leaves all over the place out there. Looks like Fall is officially here as of 4:44 yesterday.

This is a colorful little 5x7 fall watercolor painting.

On another note:  I'm excited to have an artist wine and cheese reception this Friday night from 4-5pm at the Highlands in Topsham and then the Arts 10x10 event from 5-8 the same evening!

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