Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why I Photograph the Painting's Progress - Squirrel Point Lighthouse, Maine

Took a break from working with Alcohol Ink on Tiles an went for a larger
9x12" AI painting of Squirrel Point Lighthouse here in Bath Maine on Yupo paper.

Here's a hint that I like to use when I'm painting buildings such as a Maine Lighthouse or animals. Take pictures of your progress as you go! When I'm unsure of when and where to stop I find it best to photograph the painting and take a step back.

Once the photo of the painting is taken, I download it to my computer and view it on my screen. 
Sometimes I'll post my steps on Facebook too.

It really gives your eye a break and you can see things you didn't see before.

If you look at the bottom right hand side of the lighthouse in the second picture here, you can see it's off slightly. I also decided that the rocks need a bit more details for my taste.

Another great way is to see opportunity area's is to hold your painting up to a mirror and look at the reverse image.  It helps you see where lines just don't look right...they may be a bit off or need a slight adjustment.

~Happy Painting!
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