Monday, March 28, 2016

Just Finished This Maine Live Red Lobster Watercolor Painting

Just wanted to share with you all my latest watercolor painting. I have been searching for a great red Lobster photo for 2 years now. I new that Mr. Blue needed a buddy! 

Mr. Blue Original is Sold but Prints are available!

While I was hanging out on instragram trying to figure the whole who to follow and all that techy stuff, I ran across a beautiful piece of jewelry Maine jewelry shop called WattsinMaine. While scrolling through her amazing Maine inspired gold necklaces and bracelets I saw this Lobster shot!
They were so kind when I asked for permission to use their photo as my reference! 

Original Photo by watts in maine

I started out with a sketch and added Masking fluid to keep the area white.

The claw was next, there are so many color! I used a wet into wet technique to layer them. The first wash was a light orange, red, with a bit of purple in the darker areas. Once that was dry I did the same steps, but chose a darker shade of each.



I decided to piece out the big guy, almost like I would if I were eating him LOL!
Claws first and the tail last. 

I find all these color details too over whelming, so I didn't want to punch in the color everywhere at once. This helps to keep my mind at rest....I painted one section at a time as to not get overwhelmed by the whole thing, plus I could see all the variations of color in each small section.

Maine Red Lobster Art

Finally I finished the body and tail and then tweaked the eyes a bit more. I wanted it to seem like he was looking right at you (DON'T EAT ME). My big dilemma was do I leave the background white? I love Mr. Blue's white I was able to Photoshop him into other background colors.

Prints are now available in Acrylic, Canvas or Framed, plus they have shower curtains, pillows, and huh! My son wants the shower curtain for the bathroom!

Looking forward to looking for a Calico Lobster if you have any pictures to share with me, please send me a email!!!

 I have a number of youtube video's with free previews and if you sign up for my newsletter I offer specials on my website for online watercolor and Alcohol Ink classes. They are beginner classes.

~Happy Painting

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