Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Air Brush Short Demo - Alcohol Ink On Tile

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More Information about the Masters Air Brush 

New Short Demo Video on my New Air Brush on Tiles!

Here is the information on the Air Brush - It's very inexpensive and I am using it to Blow air only, and that seems to work great - can't comment on how great it works with paints.

If you have been watching my Facebook page or my Instagram page last week, you know that I'm very excited about my new purchase of a Masters Air Brush.

 In this quick 5 min youtube video I demo a little blimp using alcohol Ink on a tile. I use the compressor to blow the inks making a neat looking flower-ish image.

I'll be working on a new online course for something similar to this one using Alcohol Inks and layers of Resin to create this piece on a liquid art panel. The process creates a lot of depth in the painting, almost a 3D image look that I'm in love with and hope to share real soon with you!

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