Friday, May 12, 2017

Decisions on abstracts - Which way is UP?

Option 1 

"Birth of Spring" - $125 
Artist Kellie Chasse 
Alcohol Ink On Yupo Paper - 9x12" 

 Leaf trying to push the last of the beautiful colorful bud from the flower to emerge full and strong.

Always the hard part with abstract paintings, which way is up? Tell us your ideas on this. I've numbered the options for you to choose, just leave a comment below with your ideas.

As an artist do you make the decision on your contemporary art or let your client? Do you sign yours?

Option 2 - These are all from the same painting. I love the gold in here but also the softness around the edges and the contrast between the two. 

Or as a art collector would you prefer to not have the artist sign the work on the front so you can choose to display it the way you see it? 

Option 3 - Some pieces are cropped and can easily be matted to a smaller 8x10" Frame.

To create this painting I used the Masters Airbrush again along with the Watercolor Pens filled with my own home made Alcohol Ink blending solution

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