Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Peacock Feathers New Quick Demo Video

I believe EVERYONE should try Alcohol Inks at least once in there lives, so I really enjoy sharing as much FREE content as I can for you! Really wish I could afford to give it all away, but ....well let's be honest, I wouldn't have enough to keep creating all of these videos and those supplies have to be purchased somewhere (why can't those be FREE ;)  So I really appreciate all of your fantastic comments, support, and Likes - they keep me going! I want you to know that I try to read everyone of them. 


I created the Peacock painting above in early 2014, and it's still one of my personal favorites from my alcohol ink collection. The original sold right away, but I did remember to make prints of it before I shipped it out. I'm  honored to say it's one of my top selling prints and top Pinned posts from my Pinterest page, along with Mr. Blue Lobster 

So today I thought I would show you how I created a little piece of the background (little feather circles). The original painting is more organic looking and I love the randomness of the circles, but I'll show you how to control them a bit more in the video ----> Link Below

If you haven't tried one of my online Alcohol Ink Course's you can find a Material List Video for my classes as well as I've added some online links below for you.

First I started with a wet background using Cloudy Blue and added the Lake Mist with a small detail brush. I created some feathery lines for the first layer then let that dry.

Then added a drop of Citrus and tilted my paper to spread out the inks, then added a drop of eggplant, and finally a drop of Pool Blue. 

Watch it below or If you click on this link ----->  Peacock Feathers Quick Demo Video  it will take you to my You Tube Channel which has now 60 videos! (Make sure click the Red "Subscribe" Button to see more videos in the works!) It would be great if you would click that little thumbs up LIKE Button or Share the video! 

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