Thursday, July 11, 2013

Starbucks Exhibit - Topsham Maine

 Just put up a little art exhibit at Starbucks in Topsham! 

I was a few days behind the eight ball getting my work up at Starbucks this month! Here's my GREAT excuse - :)  Many of you may know from past blog-posts that our family is in the process of buying a home as well as selling our current one! Oh my, I've cleaned things that I forgot I had!

Ever wonder why the simplest and easiest fixes are never done in your home, that is until you have to put it up for sale? Then it only takes you a few minutes to do and you wish you had done it sooner so you could enjoy the FIXIENESS (my word).

Anyways...If you are out and about for a cup of java, would love to have you stop on by and take a peek.  I'll be up for the entire month of July. 

Since it's the tourist season here in Maine I chose a few lighthouses and the Chickadee since it's our Maine state bird.

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