Sunday, September 1, 2013

PEEK-A-BOO PUFFIN 30 in 30 Day 1 - By Kellie Chasse

Choose to start off Day 1 of the 30 Day challenge with a classic Maine bird - THE PUFFIN!

It was my parents anniversary this past weekend and they celebrated by taking a trip to Monhegan Island.  Monhegan is an artists frigging dream scape, right! Incredible coastal views!

Lucky for me, Mom has chosen to share her Monhegan pictures with you may see a few Island scenes from this lady during the next few weeks!

So back to Peek A Boo -  Thought you may enjoy seeing a few of the steps along the way. I get a little distracted when I paint but managed to take a few pictures of my progress. It's funny, you know "we" painters can get into deep thought while we are working....and yep...forget to take pictures! Not as many as planned, but you get the idea. Hope to do this throughout the next 30 days with all the paintings. 


I have decided that I am not a FREE FLOWING painter...nope, pretty stiff actually. Thinking about tomorrows painting; should try to loosen up a bit. Why is it so hard for me to do.

Interested in purchasing Peek A Boo you can take a peek at my Daily Paint Works Gallery

Hope you enjoy!

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