Sunday, April 2, 2017

Played with my New Air Brush/Compressor last night.

Alcohol Ink on Clayboard 

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Here is the scoop on the new air brush/compressor....LOVE IT! 

I have been using canned air with my Alcohol Ink paintings and it can become very expensive quickly. Plus with some of the canned's not just air in there and I'm breathing that in. So I found this little beauty online for only $49. 

The air pressure can be adjusted and it's not too strong at max. I was pleasantly surprised at how very quiet, and compact it was. 

Did need to be careful to keep the point down. Let's just say I did have a few splatter attacks on my desk, face, and well just about everywhere. Glad it was the white and not red or it would have looked like a crime scene. 

( Take proper safety precautions - you do not want to breath any of the splatter).

I'm letting this one dry and then comes the next steps of adding some resin over the top.
I'm planning on adding a few layers with resin and paint to create a 3D look.  You can check back in a few days, I hope to have a short video of the process for you.

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I ordered mine on Amazon.

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