Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Acrylic Painting Scene Available - "Busy Bee"

Busy Bee

At the end of April we had an amazing turn out of 44 painters for the Kora Fundraiser and we have another function coming up next week for the Lodge in Minot Maine.

Here's the newest painting scene I've created for them. They'll choose their own color of flower they want to do. We'll be adding this one as a scene for our future group choices so if you are interested in holding a Company Team Building Event or Fundraiser and live in Midcoast Maine please send me a note!

This painting is done with Acrylics on a 16x20" canvas (Affiliate Link) with a 1" gallery wrap.
I"m working on a pineapple next and if you have some ideas you would like to see, please share them with me!

In the mean time - happy painting!
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