Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Resin on Liquid Art Panel by Pebeo

I wanted to share with you my newest contemporary piece, unfortunately didn't get to video tape this one, but maybe next time. I'm getting more brave with my resin and slowly working up to a larger canvas, but I decided to try an abstract resin piece on Liquid Art Panel made by Pebeo. I"ll post a referral link down below for you. 

What is a Liquid Art Panel? Basically it's a panel that has a lip or a border around it to keep in liquids such as Resin, Liquid Acrylics, or encaustic waxes from pouring out over the edges. This one has a 3/4" wooden boarder that can be painted or stained to match your art. They come in many sizes, this one is an 18x24".

I find them fairly easy to use, but you do need to be careful that your resin or paints (what-ever medium you choose) doesn't over fill the lip or you will have a mess running down the sides. I have used blue painters tape in the past but it was hard to get it over the front lip perfectly, so I found that babysitting it by adding the resin slowly was easier for me than dealing with the tape. 

Finished Piece: Youtube Video link 

I have used these a few times in the past. Below is a Silvery Moon painting of a tree, it is a smaller panel - 11x14". I would recommend that you start small and work out the kinks before trying a larger panel.

"Silvery Moon" SOLD

The big difference between these two paintings - "Silvery Moon" was painted with Alcohol Inks prior to adding a clear coat of resin, and the larger piece was completed using tinted resin. I do have an Lifetime Beginner Online Resin Course "Zen Disk" (50% Off Sale price Link) on creating an art piece on Aluminum disk, but you always try it on a canvas or one of these liquid panels. 

The Finished Piece, is hanging at the Footlights Theatre in Falmouth Maine.  It will be displayed there with a number of other Alcohol Ink, Resin, and Oils. 

The show "Water Reflections" will be hanging over the Summer Months.

Here is the (Referral Link)  Pebeo Liquid Art Panel They come in many sizes. 

and the Resin Brand I used in the Painting.

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