Monday, February 25, 2013

"Magical Place" Birch Trees A Favorite Subject


  "Magical Place"

22 x 15" Watercolor/Gouache

Birch trees are one of my favorite subjects to paint. I wanted to feel the magic of the sunshine and the joyful happiness that the Maine forest brings to my heart.  It's so peaceful here in the woods and I hope it gives you that same feeling when you look at it.

Change of mood here and I hate to be negative but thought I would share my thoughts with you on this .....On a crappy note, I used a masque called Fineline and I was not happy with this brand at all. It seemed very, VERY hard to remove.

If you can picture it...I was sitting at my studio table for like poor little fingers were almost raw because I couldn't use my eraser without leaving most of it behind on my paper! My new eraser works great to remove pencil but this one did not take off the masque.

Note to a new bottle but pick a different brand.

In the end though, I was super happy with the way the painting turned out. It's another larger piece for me. Since the January 30 day challenge that Leslie Saeta put on...I am working my way up from my comfort zone of smaller 5x7 and 8x10 works.

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