Sunday, February 16, 2014

Selling on Facebook better than Etsy?

 Well, it's been a busy and exciting week!

It would seem that I've found a new medium to work on, hand painted Alcohol Inks on ceramic tiles. The theme of the week would be dragonfly's (one of my favorite subjects)! 

I love them because each one is so uniquely different., it's like they have their own little personalities!

Had a wonderful response to these cute little buggers - seems that I'm selling them faster than I can post them on etsy.

Decided to use my paypal account to invoice customers directly from facebook by using the clients email, it's been working wonderfully. This saves me a lot of money from listing on etsy especially when I have to turn around and remove the tile without it even showing that I made a sale. I'm beginning to think selling on facebook may be the way to go for me. 

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 I'll be posting more new tiles this week!

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